Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yet another non scientific study on Prostate Cancer

Jan 31st 2013, NEJM publishes a "story" regarding Prostate Cancer treatment and complications. The article immediately concludes that most men have potency issues 15 years after either surgery to remove the Prostate or radiation. By their own admission, the study did not compare impotency rates against a control group but did point out the average age at the 15 year point was 89! I think the article should gave congratulated the 15% of men at 89 that were still sexually active!

The articles conclusion was we should really consider this when determining if treatment is appropriate.

Prostate cancer death can be extremely painful, it normally metastasizes to the bone, the side effects of treatment (In My Humble Opinion) are insignificant compared to the painful symptoms of metastatic Prostate cancer.